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Brent Sute

Dave, I'd recommend option #1: password protected site. The Savage Insights content helps you sell Mortgage Coach. The case studies are one of your best sales tools! If you have a password protected site, you could then control the readership and solicit the business of non-members who log on. At the same time, you allow members to access the content.

You could always provide member-only material on the Mortgage Coach website as an added membership privilege.

Tony Coldesina

Option 3. Quit the blog and focus on the mc platform for members only. The last 6 months have been great.

Sean Rafferty, CMPS

Dave, Savage Insights always has great info. The only suggestion I'd add is to podcast the interviews (and perhaps even the blog entries - Dean Jackson of By Referral Only does this, very convenient). LTB podcasts there stuff w/username & password control... so you could do the same w/MC users to if you didn't want to make it public. It's just so much easier and timely if it's podcasted rather than manually having to download.


I think it would be unwise to stop blogging. I'd password protect the blog. This will allow you to collect contact info on visitors & continue to market to them whether they purchase MC or not. Stopping the blog would be a huge mistake. If time is an issue, post less often or hire/outsource someone to write articles or post for you. You could post once a month yourself, and have another valued 'expert' post once a month...this way the blog is being updated 2 times a month with valuable info...but less work for you.

Carlos Lopez

Password-protect Savage Insights in order to still add value to the Mortgage community and show non-users the wonderful tools and value that Mortgage Coach can add to their business and our clients' lives. Because each mortgage professional is not using MC, there needs to be an avenue for them to still be "touched"

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