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David Walden

Some sites will give information teasers that promote the product but limit usage beyond the teaser paragraph to membership. This way you can still use if for promotion of Mortgage Coach but give the content beyond the teaser to the paid user.

Shawn Anderson

"We will make Savage Insights a Mortgage Coach membership blog that will require you to be an MC member." would be the direction I would like to see, however, I believe David makes a great point. Having a teaser for site visitors is great marketing and will help promote Mortgage Coach.

Todd Carpenter

Dave, I hope you will continue to run Savage Insights as a free blog. Personally, I no longer originate loans, so the chances that I will buy Mortgage Coach are next to none.

Not being a potential customer might make my opinion less important, but I have in the past, referred my own readers (Mortgage Brokers) to your site when you publish a post that I find of value.

That would be very hard to do behind a wall.

Sk Holt Clark

I also agree with Dave. You show value to the non-member while promoting membership. Remember "membership has its rewards".

Jack Schiavo

It seems that keeping Savage Insights for MC members increases the value of the service to those prepared to invest in their education and growth. We are all working very hard in this market to continue to build our business and anything that provides competitive advantage is important. MC is a great differentiator in the market for presenting to clients. Let's be sure to take full advantage.

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